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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SBRGaming?

SBRGaming is a community made up of diverse gamers from all across the world that explore the challenges of every game, genre, and platform available. With opportunities such as competitive tournaments, streaming, videos, an active forum, and SBR based events at our fingertips, we're able to grant members of our community more opportunity and promise in the gaming world. Unlike many other communities, Soul Brother Rangers provides you the ability to look for more players to run with, find a group of gamers to talk to, or seek out new members for your competitive team, and do so much more. Here at SBR we're all about growing the community and the players within it. Whether it be increasing individual members' skill by working together, completing a game on the hardest difficulty, or just looking for someone to play with, we know that you will fit in as a member of SBRGaming.

Why should I join SBR?

You should join SBR because all it does is benefit you. You are granted opportunities to be in videos, websites, forums, game nights, an active community, and much more. You meet other people with similar interests and playstyles. Joining SBR means you always have someone to play with and you are always growing as a gamer. The members of our community are close and brotherly welcoming all people and doing what we can to unite players across all platforms. Additionally, you gain access to a constant rotation of game tournaments, SBR merchandise, and raffles. 

What platform does SBR play on?

SBRGaming isn't exclusive to one platform, however, most of our members are on Xbox One and PC. 

What games does SBR play?

Literally every game there is. The members of SBR play together on multiplayer games like Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Minecraft, and Battlefield V. Or we play solo on games like Hitman, Stardew Valley, and Dark Souls. And of course with each new title release you'll find a large number of SBR players jumping on the new game for some new adventures.

What are the forums for?

The forums are for discussing anything SBR and gaming related. You can discuss the new Ubisoft title, see if anyone wants to raid a dungeon on the SBR Minecraft Server, or even post your favorite Ramen Noodle Soup recipes!

Is SBR exclusively video games?

Not at all, a large number of our members are strong Magic The Gathering addicts and we even have a few Dungeon Masters! Discuss the next TCG expansion or get a D&D group together on our Discord server!

Is SBR a competitive gaming community?

Yes and no. SBRGaming is a community for all gamers, regardless of your skill level. However, we do have a large amount of competitive players on popular AAA titles like Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch, ranging from ranks like Bronze to Diamond. 

Why don't the forums work on my desktop?

This isn't something on Wix (the website host) or SBR's end. If you're using Google Chrome, try clearing your cache or launching the website in incognito mode. If neither of those work. Try a different web browser like Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.

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